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May/July 2024 Class Schedule:

 Saturdays: 11am - 1pm

  • Rapier

  • Long Sword

  • Dagger

We are now offering OPEN ENROLLMENT.  If you're interested in joining us, fill out the enrollment form below and show up on Saturday between 11 and 1!

Location: Sinai Sports

2311 West 15th Street Erie, PA 16505


Intro Course (any) - 8 weeks*          $100 

Regular Monthly Dues                      $60

Household Discount                          $50/month per person

Drop in/Per Class Rate:                      $20

All members in attendance must complete a liability waiver release with Sinai Sports prior to attending class.

The waiver can be found at 

Kit Required for Freeplay

  • A 3 Weapon Fencing Mask in good repair

  • Back of the Head Protection

  • Heavy Sparring Gloves 

  • A HEMA approved Fencing Jacket

  • Elbow Protection

  • Knee Protection

  • Gorget or Built-in blade catcher

  • (Recommended) Forearm protection

  • (Recommended) Shin Protection

  • (Recommended) Plastron

*After completing an Intro Class, all members are required to purchase HEMAA insurance.  

        $26 / year

There is no cost for a new student's first class.


All students must be 18 or older to participate.  Classes are open to all adults of any fitness level, and we actively foster an open, inclusive environment to  help each member reach their own personal goals.  

All New students will start with an 8 week introductory class.  After successfully completing that Intro class, they may continue with that weapon or choose another intro class at the regular monthly rate.

New students do not need to have any personal gear prior to starting class; wear comfortable athletic clothing and flat soled shoes. 


Students must purchase their own fencing mask prior to the completion of their Intro Course.

COVID 19 Statement

All students and instructors must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and show proof of vaccination.

Face Masks are optional at this time.

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