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Snowy Forest

Lake E-Fecht 2.0

Winter Longsword Tournament '23

12/1 - 12/2

Lake E-Fecht 2.0


Sinai Sports

2311 W. 15th Street

Erie, PA 16508

2023 Winter Tournament

  • Tournament dates: 12/1 and 12/2

  • Open to all

  • Free to active Steelhead WMA members

  • $20/event  to inactive/non-member

  • Events:

    • Messer - Friday, 12/1 at 5pm

    • Open Sparring - Friday Evening after Messer until 10pm

    • ABCD (anyone but cis-dudes) Longsword - Saturday, 12/2 at 9AM

    • Open Longsword - Saturday, 12/2 at 1PM
    • Open Dagger - Saturday, 12/2 at 11AM

Code of Conduct

SWMA firmly believes that even in a tournament environment, all attempts to provide maximum safety at all times should be made by all participants.  Uncontrolled striking,  violent swings, and heavy hitting are not permitted.  If you lack the control to stop a blade from harming your opponent, we ask that you do not participate in our tournament. Use of excessive force will result in immediate expulsion from the tournament; this serves as the only warning.


Other items of conduct will be observed as follows:

When a Judge or Director calls POINT or HALT, STOP FIGHTING!

Never strike or swing at an opponent if a piece of gear is missing, broken, or not on properly.

No strikes to the back of head or spine.

It is preferred if you set up a full hip throw, to just set the throw up and not complete it. (i.e. both opponent’s feet are off the ground counts as a full throw)

All takedowns and throws should be controlled.

FIGHTERS MAY REQUEST NO THROWS at the beginning of a match, and this rule will be observed.

We love each other; we hug after fights.


Joint locks should not be applied to the point of causing pain; setup is all that is needed for scoring.  If you feel pain, TAP OUT by tapping your opponent or yelling “TAP.”

Required Kit


Neck Protection

Fencing Mask

Heavy gloves (Light gloves for Rapier, Messer, Dagger)

Hard elbow and Knee protection


Chest protection (optional)

All weapons must be approved for safety.   This includes:

Appropriate flex

Free of burrs

Reasonably free of rust

Rubber tip where needed

Loaner gear allowed

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