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Sue Lackovic

Sue has been training with swords since the age of 10.  She has formal training in SCA fencing in the round as well as Olympic style foil, epee, and saber.  She believes a strong focus on the basics leads to success later on.


Ken Martin

Introduction to HEMA at the beginning of 2019 allowed Ken to re-kindle a lifelong love of all things sword related. Ken began training with KDF Longsword under Drew and Nick at SWMA and trained with Sue in the inaugural Rapier class. He is humbled that Sue thought well enough of his fencing knowledge in the initial class to have him assist in teaching Rapier.  Ken works to incorporate body mechanics learned from 10+ years of Asian martial arts study into HEMA fencing. He looks forward to assisting anyone in reaching their personal goals in HEMA.


Drew Lackovic

Drew came to Steelhead after over 20 years studying various styles of Japanese martial arts.  In addition to KDF Longsword, Drew has studied Fiore. Drew teaches Longsword, Messer, and Dagger. 

Steelhead Insructor photo.jpg

Bob Wilson

After having some experience with Olympic fencing, Bob joined Steelhead WMA in 2021 for Nick’s Saber course and never looked back. He also studies montante (Godhino/Figueyredo). Bob currently teaches Intro to Sword and Buckler.


Nick Chiappazzi

In 2017, Nick began learning Longsword with students from Broken Plow Western Martial Arts in Pittsburgh, and helped form Steelhead Western Martial Arts in Erie. He now teaches Intro to Longsword and Intro to Saber courses.

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